Saturday, October 13, 2007

Quick Taipei

Last April, during a family trip to Taipei, I took some video of life on the street and in the temples and night markets, and made a short documentary/travelogue about it, using iMovie. My intention was to immediately post it on Google Video, but the submission requirements for video were too stringent -- the Quicktime Pro export formats weren't acceptable.

How quickly the technology changes! Google has since bought YouTube, and now accepts many Quicktime export formats, including AVI and mp4. I had to mess around with the settings to get the file small enough (YouTube limits file sizes to 100 MB, and the only way I could get it that small was by using mpeg4), but you can still get the gist of the program, despite the resulting loss of quality:

You can see more images from my April, 2006 trip on my posts about Bishan Temple and Taipei street photos: Life under the overpass.

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