Friday, October 20, 2006

Harvard Extension School graduates and advanced Harvard degrees

Do Extension School graduates go on to get other advanced degrees from Harvard? Some do. Actually, many do, judging by old notices in the Harvard Extension School Alumni Bulletin, like this one from 1996:
Harvard Extension School alumni/ae who received graduate degrees or certificates at the June 1996 Harvard University Commencement Exercises include Anthony D. Baxter, ALB '88, ALM '93; Tamar Duke-Cohan, CSS '93; Jaleh P. Faruborz, ALB '95; Randy B. Hayward, ALB '94; and Steven A. Thurber, ALB '95, each of whom received an EdM in Education. In addition, Dorothy Abram, ALM '92, received a CAS from the Graduate School of Education; Curtis S. Signorino, ALM '93, received an AM in Government from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; Elizabeth S. Home, CAS '94, an SM in Applied Sciences; Christine M. Millett, ALB '90, an AM in Regional Studies-East Asia; and Kamilla L. Denman, ALM '91, a PhD in English and American Literature and Language.
There is a similar list in the 1997 bulletin:
Among the Extension School alumni(ae) who received graduate degrees at the 1997 Harvard University Commencement Exercises were Marlene M. Ahmed, ALB '95, and Melanie Joe Tardella, also ALB '95, both of whom received an EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education; Sabrina K. Cleary, ALB '92, who received a Master of Theological Studies degree from the Harvard Divinity School; Aaron A. Afilalo, ALB '89, who received a Master of Laws degree from the Harvard Law School; Judith B. Manola, CAS '95, who received a Master of Science in Biostatistics degree from the Harvard School of Public Health; and Mariko N. Walter, ALM '89, who received a PhD in Inner Asian and Altaic Studies from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

The bulletin has since stopped publishing this information. Still, assuming this trend has held up in the intervening years, and perhaps even expanded owing to new graduate and certificate programs at HES, there's a solid base of HES grads who have not only proved that they've got what it takes to gain admission into highly selective graduate and PhD programs at Harvard, but also successfully complete their degrees.

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