Friday, August 17, 2007

Super Typhoon!

satellite imagery originally from the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric AdministrationTaiwan is mostly shut down today, thanks to typhoon Sepat, which has been classed as a "Super Typhoon." Top speeds are 209 km/h, which puts it in the upper range of a category 3 hurricane, according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. In the north part of the island, we're getting rain and wind, but lots of breaks in the weather, too. I went out yesterday afternoon and got totally drenched, but in the evening there was a break in the clouds, and I could actually see stars. This morning, there have been a few intense, gusty showers, but it seems to be weakening. Down south, where the typhoon made landfall, the conditions will be worse -- I expect the newscasts this evening will have lots of footage of flooding, landslides, and washed-out mountain roads.

Tomorrow morning, I travel to Singapore for State of Play V -- I hope air travel will be back to normal by then!

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