Saturday, February 03, 2007

MetaFilter discussion about the Extension School

The MetaFilter online community started a thread about the Extension School ("Masters in IT at the Harvard Extension School: Too good to be true?"). Some interesting opinions and observations were made regarding the perception of the Extension School and HES students, and I decided to respond to the thread as well.

You can too; unfortunately it requires a $5 paypal "donation" to MetaFilter in order to complete your registration. If you are an Extension School student and want to take part but don't want to pony up the cash, let me know and I'll post a comment on your behalf (of course, identifying you as the poster).


Richard said...

I posted a response. See the thread. I give you props for your advice.

I Lamont said...

Excellent response, Richard. In fact, it is one of the most interesting evaluations of the Extension School ALB program that I have seen on the 'Net, and the comparisons with Harvard College and College students are very thoughtful. If you are interested in Richard's observations about the following topics:

* Harvard College graduates taking classes at the HES for specific subjects.

* HES undergrads sitting in on College classes

* College students' "pathological need" regarding the Extension School

... then I recommend you check out the entire comment and the rest of the MetaFilter thread.