Saturday, January 27, 2007

02138, the Boston Globe, and an HES alumni snub?

A fellow Extension School student pointed me to an interesting page on the 02138 (the new unofficial Harvard alumni magazine) website, which has a feature that lists "alumni in the news", including Extension School alumni. One of them is Paula Bacon, A.L.B. '89, A.L.M. '94, and the name of the paper she was mentioned in, the Herald Democrat in Texas. The Associated Press article is about a local political issue, and notes that she is a Harvard graduate.

Yet the same article on the Boston Globe website omits this reference. That's very unusual -- it's a non-local story with a local connection; one would expect the editors to retain or even highlight this fact.

So is it a snub against the Extension School, because the Globe doesn't think the Extension School degrees matter? Or a snub against Harvard, perhaps because the paper is now sensitive to its hard-to-deny excessive coverage of the school, when compared with other local schools?

Or is it simply a bad editing decision? Editing for space seems unlikely -- the online version doesn't have to be cut down to fit the page. Editing out the reference because they think it might be wrong is also unlikely -- all it takes is a quick call to Harvard to verify the fact, or the Globe can ask one of its alumni staff to log on to Post Harvard (the alumni website) to check out the "Harvard graduate" reference.

Anyone is welcome to share their thoughts/observations/theories in the comments section below.

I also checked out some of the other features on 02138, including the 02138 blogs. Some of them are dormant, but a few are quite interesting, such as this blog by a 40s-era Harvard Law graduate.


Anonymous said...

my immediate comment is you have too much time on your hands...

I Lamont said...

Actually, anonymous, I don't have much time to write at all, which is why I do most of my blogging on the weekend. And this particular post didn't take long to research -- another Extension School student did most of the legwork.